• "When the wall was finally approved, its completion took place throughout the January 2014 polar vortex. It was so cold, the spray cans weren’t functioning properly. The artist and writer needed to pull up their car next to the wall and paint from inside. When a can started malfunctioning, they put it back in the car and switched it out for another can that had been in the car for a while. The typical mist spray cans give off turned to a sputtery splotchy spray."
  • I celebrated an early Thanksgiving with some family this weekend, and even though I grew up here my PNW re-wired brain has a hard time accepting some things we eat here. Our salads are just mind blowing. I wanted to point out in the very top photo specifically: there’s Snickers salad, a classic Midwestern dish I made and served some appalled coworkers in Seattle once… But there’s also something my stepmom referred to as cole slaw but is made of cabbage (okay), pineapple (uh…) and mini marshmallows (what?!); and a fruit & jello salad that contains celery (why??). For the record, I ate both of these and they tasted pretty all right.

    I also want to shout out to that chocolate cake… It’s like a jello cake. You make a chocolate cake, poke some holes, pour in some melted fudge (instead of jello) then there’s whipped cream and crumbled Oreos on top. I ate a tiny piece and almost went into a coma. An awesome coma.

  • Little will change on the façade of the building, other than the addition of windows on the relatively blank Grand Avenue frontage, Sullivan said. “We want to keep the Register aspect,” Sullivan said. “We want to emphasize that this is an old historic newspaper building.”

    (via $36 million rehab planned for old Register building - Business Record)

    (The project will include 164 affordable & market rate units. I really do hope they stick to their word and keep the facade. I think the building is really cool and definitely has character worth keeping.)

  • awokado22:

    “Des Moines, Iowa High School Teen Agers.” Photograph by George Skadding. November 1947

  • Just another Friday night in DSM: 

    • Launch Party of The Undead End by local comic writer J. Wright. Issue #1 is out now.
    • Cat Rocketship’s solo show Made Magic at Crane Artist Lofts.
  • korean chicken noodle soup (by ohnobody)

    yooooooooo the soup at tacopocalypse IS AMAZING. those noodles are homemade.

  • You can’t close right before WINTER!

    There was a lot of internal wailing and metaphysical beating of the breasts earlier today when I realized the upcoming 2-year skywalk closure wasn’t where I thought it was, and is in fact in actually a terrible place. Two years, people. My space station is about to fail me. I’m going to have to go outside. In the winter.